Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions from clients. Hopefully these can answer some of your questions before booking so you know if we are the right fit! 

Does the package include prints?

My packages do not include prints. I give all of my photos through my website and give digital download and print release.. I will return the photos in a link where you will have two weeks to download them onto a device. If you need help printing photos, I will do so in addition to the packages.

What if I need to cancel?

You must contact the photographer 24 hours in advance for cancelations unless there is an emergency such as weather or medical issues. 

When do I pay?

On the day of your shoot! I require a 10% nonrefundable deposit on all of my photo sessions. This 10% will be taken off of your session price and you will pay the rest on the day of your session.  

What if I am running late?

Due to my high demand, please aim to arrive at your session 10-15 mins before the session. Your session time starts the time we schedule the shoot. If there is an emergency, please contact the photographer. 

What time are your normal sessions?

Because I am a natural light photographer, the best time for photos is about 2 hours before sunset. Please make sure to plan your  bookings to be able to meet this time. Reason being, shadows are not as harsh and the sun is not directly in the eyes. 

What if I lose my photos?

Photos ARE NOT archived by the photographer.  Please make sure you make copies and take precautions to back up your photos after download. If sessions are not downloaded in allotted time, there will be a $50 reupload fee. 

Can I share photos on social media platforms? 

YES! Please feel free to share photos with friends and family on any social media platforms. All we ask is that you do not add your own filters over the photos and that you credit Ryanne O'Donnell Photography. 

Have I answered all your questions?

Please feel free to contact me if there is any other questions or concerns. My email is or my cell phone number is (636) 284-5800 Email is the best way for contact in booking sessions. I do not book sessions over the phone due to the amount of people I have contacting me.